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ASSET: Accelerating Compliance for Enhanced Security

At Ark Network Security Solutions, our mission is to empower organizations to confidently and continuously achieve meaningful compliance and effective risk management that deliver unmatched security performance.

What's the problem we address? Standards reflect the collective expertise of countless risk management practitioners. If implemented fully, they would vastly improve an organization's ability to prevent, mitigate, and build resilience against a constant onslaught of cyber and other damaging hazards. Broken compliance processes, resource limitations, and a lack of technical know-how have made leveraging that expertise an impossible task. Most organizations consequently struggle to maintain even the most basic security functions and face potentially catastrophic losses as a result. Ark offers organizations a new and better way.

What's the answer? Our solution, ASSET™, rapidly and automatically accelerates compliance for enhanced security. Through a stunning visual display, ASSET™ offers organizations automated, real-time awareness about whether their adopted control solutions actually work instead of annual static check-box surveys that provide no such insight. ASSET™ likewise enables organizations to stage, simulate, and test the effectiveness of potential control solution deployments in a virtual environment, all before they commit a single resource dollar. ASSET™ immediately alerts organizations when these solutions fall short and directs them to proven, peer-reviewed and recommended alternatives that fill identified security gaps.

How does it work? ASSET™ defines personnel, processes, devices, intellectual property and anything else valued as assets while simultaneously creating corresponding control "groups" for their protection. Those groups include three elements:

  • Guidelines that automatically capture national, international and customized security standards;
  • Implementations that automatically include both technical and human-based security fixes; and
  • Assessors that automatically measure and verify that chosen fixes are in place, working, and keeping organizations safe.
Each of these elements is "expressed" within ASSET™ electronically. This allows organizations to rapidly link and implement them in more impactful ways and to determine – at machine speed – a corresponding compliance and security risk performance score. Organizations at all times can access ASSET's™ unique information sharing platform that provides the risk community's up-to-date take on which vendor fixes and configurations offer the most security bang for the buck. In so doing, ASSET™ brings objective insight and order to the solutions selection process.

ASSET™ provides a unique interface that literally shows organizations their value at risk when particular assets are unprotected, automatically flags problem areas, and illuminates progress when those areas receive attention. This visual connection conveys all this information in an understandable way to stakeholders at every level of an organization, helping both technical and non-technical professionals better understand and make common cause against priority risks. ASSET™ helps organization tell their risk management stories to business partners, clients, insurer and other key external audiences – all of whom increasingly seek proof that the organizations they engage commercially are safe security bets.

ASSET™ is a true continuous compliance accelerator that is affordable, scalable, implementable, and focused comprehensively on every aspect of enterprise risk. It is the long-awaited answer to the diverse security challenges facing large, mid-size, and small organizations everywhere.